Our Story

In 2015, we established a successful sustainable T-shirt company. But we quickly realized we wanted to do something more than just address where products were coming from in the clothing industry.  We realized we needed to change the way how people consume because the current rate of consumptions has been the core problem of why manufacturing process has been expedited despite negative impacts on both people and the planet. Your next clothing purchase shouldn’t just be a sale; it should be a solution.

Then, in 2017, we adopted a social mission to reverse the equation and launched UnCo. an innovative retail company where less can be more. Our mission is to enable a new way of consuming that considers both people and the planet and empowers individuals to do more with less, and focus their time on what really matters.

UnCo. simplifies apparel and empowers forward-thinking womwn leaders, self-starters, and creatives to reduce unnecessary decision making and curate timeless capsule wardrobe essentials from some of North America's best independent brands & designers.