Let's Collaborate

We want to work with your brand! We're always looking for new designers whose values align with ours in order to create a more sustainable fashion industry! The following is the criteria that must be met for all of the designers that work with us...

The brand is conscious of their environmental impact and takes measures to minimize it. Designing with the environment in mind is a top priority.

To qualify as a brand partner, you must align with at minimum one of these factors:

  • Use of only eco-friendly/responsible fabrics (eg. natural textiles, certified organic, repurposed textiles, fair trade certified)
  • If made outside of North America, must demonstrate ethical and sustainable transparent supply chain

These factors are not mandatory to be considered as a brand partner, however are highly encouraged and will increase chances of collaboration:

  • Use of only eco-friendly/responsible fabrics (eg. natural textiles, certified organic, repurposed textiles, fair trade certified)
  • Use of textiles from local sources
  • Demonstrate minimal waste (eg. recycle scrap materials, layout patterns and fabric cutting to minimize scraps)

Brands must ensure that their employees are all treated fairly and be working in safe conditions. To qualify as a brand partner, you must align with ALL of these factors:

  • The company treats their workers fairly, paying them proper, living wages and ensuring safe, comfortable working conditions
  • Your supply chain is ethical and considerate of all individuals involved in your designing and production process.
  • Factory safety regulations must be met and be considered a priority

The brand must be producing pieces that are seasonless, timeless and versatile. This criteria is necessary for pieces to work well in our capsule wardrobes, factors include:

  • Quality over quantity and does not fall into fast fashion.
  • Pieces are durable and made to last far beyond a single season.
  • The styles are timeless and designed to stay stylish through multiple seasons.
  • The pieces are versatile and can be easily mixed to create multiple different outfits (e.g. neutral colours, multifunctional/adjustable pieces, styles that can go from day to night and work for any occasion).

Sustainability to us means so many different things, however our main goal is to create a circular eco-system that can become closed loop model where materials and products are used to its fullest extent and be integrated back into the supply chain.

We want to be sustainable for the workers that make your clothes. The brands that work with us are all either locally made in North America or if made outside North America, they are able demonstrate an ethical, transparent supply chain. Workers should be paid living wages and work in conditions that allow them to live sustainably, safely and comfortably.

Lastly, we want to be sustainable for you, our customers! We want to provide you with quality pieces that last years and beyond one season. We provide timeless, versatile pieces that match with virtually anything and transcend the seasons of fashion. This saves you the money, time and stress of having to pick out your outfits and constantly replacing parts of your wardrobe. We want to help you be more conscious by reducing your overall consumption and buying from responsibly made brands. By going capsule, you are supporting ethically and responsibly made fashion, while at the same time reducing your time and stress associated with getting dressed.

At UnCo, ethical production is an important topic. We believe that in order for a brand to consider themselves ethical, they must be treating their workers respectfully and value them during every part of the production process. This includes paying fair wages, ensuring safety conditions are met, not overworking their employees, respecting their employees, and treating them as humans first. We are in the process of developing our own auditing system to encourage these parameters, currently we hold our brands that we work with accountable.

Transparent production lines allow for us to understand and ensure that companies are treating their employees fairly and properly, and providing employment that allows workers to live comfortably, respectfully and happily.

At UnCo, we value collaboration and as a brand partner we hope you do too! We work with brands that encourage and value collaboration and the empowerment of UnCo.’s ecosystem, whether that comes from being female founder or simply wanting to contribute to the greater good for a better and more sustainable industry. We are empowering women to feel confident, beautiful and empowered through their wardrobe.